Arthur Russell: Vanished Into Music

An good friend got me into Arthur and I wouldn’t say it was immediate but over the years his story and his music always draws me back. His seminal influence on the early days of dance music was documented by Tim Lawrence, in his book Hold On To Your Dreams which I need to get hold of. Russell’s importance is just massive, even though he died penniless and unrecognised he is now getting the recognition he deserves for the amount of great music he has inspired.

I missed most of the 2nd day I was at Dimensions 2013 sat on the balcony in Pula reading Lawrence’s Love Saves The Day, which I’d recommend to anyone who sets foot in a club and I’d say it was pretty much essential for anyone serious about DJing. His new book Life and Death on the New York Dance Floor is on my Xmas list.

The documentary perfectly captures a lot of the atmosphere around Russell’s music, Olivia Laing’s narration is also sexy in a very hazy, disconnected, dusky kinda way.

Well worth heading over to the Beeb for half an hour’s listen.


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