Can night life be saved?

Well, yes but everyone needs to work together i.e the people who run the city and the people who live in it. The fabric debate, if nothing else will hopefully show the powers that be how important the function of night life is to London’s cultural and economic make up. If the worst happens and the club stays shut its staff should be proud that they have legitimately moved on the debate in a similar way they moved club music on in the 00s. Hopefully this will mean future clubs are taken more seriously and enjoy better relationships with the police and councils in the same way their Dutch and German counterparts do.

Fabric is a place very close to my heart, it was the first club I went to in London and those early experience always blew me away, the mix CDs really set the agenda for my musical tastes. Trekking down from Nottingham to London for the first time in 2003, the place was so far ahead of anything I’d ever experienced before leading the way for a new wave of sounds that is now dictating how we dance.

The first trip was actually unsuccessful, 2 Many DJs were playing and the que wound twice around the block, back down to the then ramshackle Farringdon tube station. In tune with the gentrification in the area the station is all shiny concourses and commuters dropping in from Luton to work in the area or to eat at Nigel Slater’s restaurant.

This is a good watch, with some great comments from Dan Beaumont, who will be speaking again at ADE in a couple weeks.

My thoughts on the subject –

Why didn’t the London authorities recognise the dedication and talent of the fabric crew and seek to work with them to put this expertise to good use. Its exceptionally short sighted and such a waste of resources. Say what you will about gentrification but it turns once neglected areas into settleable, safe areas, with the club seen as a grass roots tool to get people back into an area why was fabric not given an option to move to another raw new location? A successful move around the time of the crack down would have been just what the club needed to level their expertise with the needs of a new generation of club kids.


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