Any other city and the sight of 80000 music industry bods at various stages of inebriation frantically putting names to faces, touching base and circling back to ideas would have the locals running for cover. Not Amsterdam, where the lay out of the city seems to confine the madness to just a few streets where any vendor selling anything remotely caffeinated is laughing all the way to the bank.

The cities club landscape has changed massively in the last couple years, with big closures of Trouw, Studio 80 and the opening of De School and conversion of much of the North docks into warehouse style venues. It was great to experience venues like Noordlicht and Undercurrent as well as check the awesome custom built soundsystem at the new Claire. Highlights included sets from Mehmet Aslan, Prosumer, Frits Wentick across the weekend.

Meanwhile on the business side it was great to check in with many of the promoters I’ve been working with over the past 18 months to establish my new roster. I’d been really excited for 2016, given that last year many of the artists I was repping had lower profiles and the feedback from promoters didn’t disappoint, with a lot of interest for the whole roster and plenty of new ideas put on the table. For the next few months a big objective has to be to meet as many promoters as possible when they visit Berlin.


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