I decided to start this blog to give more depth into what I do. In October 2015 I left everything I had in London to start a new life in Berlin with a new job at Elastic Artists. Within a month the dream had turned to ashes but I was left with a host of raw, untried talent with which to rebuild my career, along with a new agency formed with fellow Elastic refugees, Orchid AM was born and has gone from strength to strength ever since.

Looking back on it and with no income it was tough but I can truly say the months following have been magical as I’ve watched the talent flourish in ways I could have only dared to dream of, both in terms of their own achievements and the relationships I’ve been so privileged to build with them.

But back to How We Do…. So, why?

With face to face contact rare in this game and most communication done via email I thought it would be cool to give back something to the community and find a way to connect with other agents, artists and promoters on a deeper level. First and foremost I want to share my belief in what I do, I started with the majority of the artists I’m lucky enough to work with in the last year and I truly believe that collectively they are putting out some of the most interesting music out there, hopefully through reading this you’ll be able to connect a little more with their stories and gain some more background into what they’re about.

I also wanted to set this up as a resource for my own writing for various publications who are kind enough to host my musings. Its also a place for interaction and discussion, I’ll be posting my own thoughts on current topics and things close to my heart.

Long term I’ll be publishing long form pieces and look out for a How… We.. Do. Podcast focusing on giving artists the chance to tell their stories and discuss the issues that really mean something to them, away from their PR pressures and current agenda, to cut lose and connect with you out there on their own terms.